Mas la Jaïna

Charming small hotel, B&B, Spa, Sauna, Fitness, heated indoor swimming pool, large outdoor natural swimming pool

Organic farm recently constructed in an authentic typical Provencal style, realized by the family & friends. It started in the autumn of 2005 on a simple meadow that is called les Espourounes that means “the springs” in Provencal language. In the extraordinary sheltered green valley between some of the most beautiful mountain villages of this region, Bargemon, Claviers & Callas.

Most of the building materials are reclaimed from disappearing ruins or very old farms. It is for this reason that most of our visitors have the impression that they are lodged in an ancient renovated farm dated over quite some ages.
However all the today’s latest ecologic or green technologies are applied for our clients conveniences. The whole farm is climate controlled with the most modern geothermic installation, earth warmth is used to heath in winter or cool down in summer the whole farm via a floor system.

Hot water for showers and indoor pool heating is produced by the same installation. All rooms, suites and the appartment are linked and decorated by third world humanitary projects of 5 continents and a part of the revenue is going directly and 100% to these projects.

The Mas is located on 8 acres of land where a cosy small organic farm with donkeys, lamas and hens is installed, a vegetables garden and a greenhouse is producing organic products, aromatics and medical plants for the guests. Fruit trees are producing part of the fresh fruit salad for breakfast with enough vitamins to start each very sunny day.

This farmhouse of great exception is situated on one of the most beautiful spots in the enormous tranquility of a great forested valley. We have implimented a very large natural swimmingpool where only plants and UV light are filtering thousands of gallons of fresh spring water. This water basin is not only very decoratively blended into our nature setting, but it is as well the gathering together of lots of different species of fauna such as butterflies, small frogs and lots of birds.

Bargemon is one of the most charming and lively of Provencal villages and seduces at first glance, in summer as well as in winter. The main road is winding up on the north side of the valley to the about 3000ft high “col de belle homme”. In its charming narrow alleys and flowery little squares in middle aged settings you can dine in divers cosy little restaurants, or enjoy a glass of world’s very best rosé-wine, while you hear the sound of constantly ‘singing’ water fountains. The city walls are well preserved and this pearl of a village is home to quite some art galleries. Bargemon fountain water is renowned for its purity in the very wide region.

There is over 24 restaurants in less than a 10 minute drive from very simple to Michelin stars and last but not least: French “Top-Chef” 2013 is running an extraordinary tiny little cosy resto in Bargemon with one of the greatest value in this region!