The Farm

Our small farm is as much as possible “Bio-Dynamic”.

The Animals:

Provencal Donkeys: In order to keep our beautiful valley as quiet as possible, we have some provencal donkeys keeping the grass areas short. Polo & his son Kiko are happy to take you out for a ride in order to explore our extra ordinary region! They love people and like you to stroke (and brush) them all day long. Now and then they do sing loud but very short serenades for the guest in two voices!

Llamas : These very exotic animals are great and have beautiful eyes. The young lama-family: Bimbo, Rita with their four at our farm born sons: Cuzco, Tiwanacu, Otavalo and Arequipa are excellent organic fertiliser producers.

Marans chicken: Originally from the west coast of France, from the village of Marans near La Rochelle. The main producers on our farm to garantee our guests of a fabulous breakfast are the world famous “Marans hens”. They produce a large and exceptional “bad-cholesterol-free” egg which is almost chocolate brown colored and better known as “the Golden Egg”!

Rabbits: (project)

Dogs: for security of the chickens and guests we have: Jazzy “the golden” & Cindy the black Labrador they love all of our guests…


Cats: In order to keep the farm “clean” from insects and other “not welcome creatures”, we do have Quinoa, Nero, Tiger and our young Kelly doing an excellent job!

Birds: Besides some tropical birds staying with us, we also have an excellent variety of local birds to be seen as there is a unique micro-climate in our beautiful valley. From small yellow or red breasts to very large mountain species.

The Plantation: We are now in the process of extending our Organic fruit & vegetable gardens. We are setting up a large greenhouse to keep on producing in winter season. It is our intention to be able to become completely self supporting in this field. There is a “Herbal” garden with Aromatical-Herbs and some who are good for medical purposes next to our kitchen. For breakfast you have the possibility to enjoy a personnal mix of fresh herbal tea.

The Tiger
The Tiger