BARGEMON at 2km5

1. RESTAURANT “LA CAMPANA”. (English spoken)
Great creative chef Nicolas and super entertainer from this super “hole in the wall” restaurant where everything is perfectly cooked in an ancient bread oven on wood-fire! If you like company, Nico is able to connect all restaurant guest as one group and
everyone having a party and an outstanding meal for a reasonable budget. It is very wise to make a reservation as “chez Nico” is very populair in the area…. Next to excellent meet and outstanding fish disches “Poulet Kmerr” a miracle Cambotja marinated warm roasted chicken on fresh mixed salad is a super dish which comes with soja parfumed Basmati-rice. “Bon Appetit”!

2. RESAURANT “PESCA LUNA”. (English spoken)
One of the best in town is Virgini, one of the very best of Provence! “Vivi” is making everything very fresh and specially for you. You will find nothing on the menu from “the beaten path”. It is all creatively composed and as much as she can Organic including the wines! With her excellent “Fusion” dishes, she calls it a “Bistromique” style and she will not let you down on anything from her menu… Try for example panned & roasted aspercius salad as a starter than fresh Teriyaki-marinated yellow-tale tuna or lamb meat stew with an oriental tuch!

Thierry is a great qualified chef and having his parents in the service makes this an oustanding and very cosy familly restaurant! There is a large choise in typical local dishes as well as the best of French regional cuisine, traditional and fabuless pizza’s
4. RESTAURANT “LA TAVERNE” Cristophe is from origan Italian which is an great “A tous” for the village cuisine! This restaurant dominant on the main square is a place were value for money is more than outstanding. Next to a super menu pizza’s are like you never had them before…

For the inexpensive food in town including pizza’s & take out.

Yanice is an exellent chef of French traditional cuisine with a creative touch! Sophie is a star in vriendly service and is fast. Very traditional French cuisine.

Traditional cuisine and very good salads

Jaques and his wife is a very friendly local couple from Bargemon! They are making great valeu food and an excellent admosphere. They are located behind the main square in the very ancient centre of the village on a tiny little square…you’ll love it!

9. “CHEZ TONIA” Salon de Thee. (English spoken)
With authentical Thai lady “Rappi” who’s a great chef, in the kitchen, Tonia is the most excotic restaurant in town. To start with “Nems” is springrolls on salad, Main dish: “Pad Thai” is light spicy Thai noodels with gambas or chicken or start with a coconut sweat & sour shrimp-soup…

Very good pizza’s made in a few minutes if you do not like to go out and stay on your own terras!

11. TAKE OUT SNACKS and TAPAS: “PROXI delli & small supermarket
This friendly small super on the main square is having a nice selection of ready to eat snacks & Tapas. Great collection including wine, beers & spirits. You might find even you favorite magazines and/or news paper Direct au tour de Bargemon, le Canton: CLAVIERS at 2km5

12. RESTAURANT “L’OLIVIER”. (English spoken)
At the village entrance directly to the right and a little up! Cosy & stylish interior, very friendly service and excelent quality dishes.

13. Le Provencal

Pizza’s CALLAS: at 4km
15. Gorges de Pennafort
16. Le Grotte Italien
17. La Fontaine
18. La Gruppie

FIGANIERES : at 10km
19. Le moulin de mon père
20. La Picholine

MONFERRAT: at 15km
21. La Voute

22. La Tour
23. Le chateau

SEILANS. At 12km
David Carré achieves an exuberant marriage of sun dreched sensory delights and bold regional flavors. In tune with the seasons, his expansive cuisine is rooted in authentic traditions and is based on fresh and flavorful local products. Whether you are seated around the fountain or in the dining room, his creations reawaken your taste buds while providing a feast for your eyes!
25. Le Gloire de mon père
26. Le Castelaras

Restaurants dans la arrière pays:

COMPS: at 20km
27. Hotel Bain
28. Bistrot de Pays

29. De vierkante….

BARGEME: at 18km
30. Le Jardin
31. Le Crepperie

LA BASTIDE: at 19km
32. Le Lavoir

SERANON: at 30km
33. Saint Louis

SAINT AUBAN: at 44km
34. Le Tracastell